Where's the soap?

This month is National Food Safety Education Month, and this year's theme is "Foodborne Pathogens: Your Family's Health is in Your Hands." So, with respect to you folks who have no soap of any kind visible in the bathroom, what the hell are you doing after you use the bathroom? A quick rinse under the water and a wipe on the pants, is it? Maybe just rub your hands with a towel and whistle a happy tune? Clap your hands three times and off you go? I know people who are mildly phobic about germs, who wouldn't think of eating someone else's leftovers, but who still don't have any soap in the bathroom. I have a friend who, when she takes her daughters to a restaurant restroom, forbids them from washing their hands, ostensibly so they don't pick up germs. *head desk* From whence comes this topsy turvy thinking? Do you think "They're my germs, so they must be safe for me, at least?" Even if the bathroom germs weren't reason enough, regular handwashing (say, each time you go to the bathroom) is the easiest way to keep yourself from catching a cold, the flu, or a food-borne illness. Look, I don't expect everyone to change for me (yes, I do), and I realize there may sometimes be good reasons to skip handwashing (no, there aren't), but please, just humor me: Put some soap out on the kitchen and bathroom counter, just in case.
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Fly straight! No, I said straight!

I got one of those little R/C helicopters from

I finally got it trimmed (there are left/right trim buttons on the remote) so that it takes off without spinning out of control, but I can't figure out how to make it go straight or turn reliably. Mostly, it just circles to the right in a big arc. I know the tail rotor is actually doing something, because I can hold it in my hand and hear the tail rotor going faster/slower when I press the stick left/right. When it's airborne, however, the helicopter doesn't seem to respond. So, I can't get it to fly straight or turn left, for example. In any case, it seems like the helicopter should at least respond in some noticeable way when I use the steering stick. Any idea what's going on here?
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Free Canadians!

Quick, before they realize what they've done! Download "Seriously West Coast, Volume 1" for free from the Vancouver Sun.

Seriously West Coast

UPDATE: They came to their senses, and the free download link is no longer available
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The Leader of the Pack drives up your IQ

In another blow to spineless weaklings everywhere, scientists reveal that the smell of a dominant man makes women smarter. Pheromones released by such males stimulate neuron growth in the female brain, while pheromones from other males just made the females want to spray them with mace. Sales of Jordan cologne went through the roof on the news, while high schools across the country have begun organizing tours for girls through the varsity locker room prior to standardized testing. In related science news, attractive, dominant females still shown to turn males into gibbering idiots.

Poll: Greatest Rivaly

Following up on coffeejedi's LJ poll to choose the greatest fictional rivalry, I created a Condorcet poll to allow ranked voting. Write-ins are allowed, but get them in quickly to give everyone time to vote. Results are available at the polling site, and will be updated here periodically.

Vote now!

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