Clayfoot (clayfoot) wrote,

Step 1: Check for operator error

I've been without a printer for a couple of weeks, now. The Epson 1280 wide format ink jet printer stopped feeding paper properly. It would drag the left side of the paper inside before the right. This crumpled the paper and ruined the print out pretty reliably. I would just replace it with a new printer, but good wide format printers are kinda expensive, yo. I examined it carefully, tried to clean the rollers and adjust the settings, and looked on for probable causes. Finally, I asked my brother for help. He formerly worked on copiers and such, so he offered to help me see which mechanical part needed fixing in my printer. My brother figured the rollers probably needed to be replaced, since that's one of the first parts to go on copiers. He checked the paper feed path and ran a sheet of paper through it. After about 15 seconds, he said, "Well, first we should pull this pen out of the bottom of the paper feed tray."

*head desk*

The printer works just fine, now.
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