Clayfoot (clayfoot) wrote,

Bull gets loose at Georgia National Fair

I'm glad we decided to go on Sunday, instead.

Bull gets loose at Georgia National Fair

Excerpted, with liberties:
Perry, Georgia (about 10 miles south of my house)

A 1,300-pound Angus bull got loose at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter Monday night. Twice. Perry police fired at the bull, but it was finally captured near a fried chicken stand, when a bystander grabbed a rope the bull was dragging.

Perry Police Chief George Potter said five to seven shots were fired at the bull and that they "struck every time. We must have hit him, or someone in the crowd behind him would've been killed." When the bull first came through the food vendor area, some people chased it with knives and forks, while others ran in the opposite direction for barbecue sauce, the police report said. The police report said the bull's handler told police the animal had a "history of being crazy" and was nicknamed "Satan," which may have lulled police into a false sense of security, initially.

J.R. Ellison, a herdsman for Hudgins Cattle Co. in Winder, said Perry police twisted his words and that police made the whole situation worse by firing at the bull.

"We were trying to load him back on the trailer, he went out on the midway, then the cops started shooting at him and that's when he got mad," Ellison said Tuesday. "I'd be mad, too, if somebody hit me three times with a .45."

Valued at $400,000, the undefeated show bull took three bullets but is expected to be OK, although he will be retired, Ellison said. He expects the bull will be used for breeding and in a petting zoo.
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