Elliott Spitzer: Latest victim of the Mann Act

Of course, it's all very embarrassing and sad that Elliott Spitzer's name was leaked to the press, along with an affidavit alleging his involvement in prostitution. Now, will someone please explain why this case was prosecuted by the Public Integrity Section under the White-Slave Traffic Act of 1910? Also known as The Mann Act, this law has been used most notably to bring down politically motivated targets.
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Script to detect who has banned you

LiveJournal gives you a method to ban users from commenting on your journal, without removing them from your friends list. There's no indication to the banned user, until they try to post a comment. Then, and only then, LJ indicates the user has been banned by disabling the check box to comment with your own id:
( )Logged in user: ljuser - you have been banned from commenting in this journal.

To make the state of things more clear, I wrote a Greasemonkey script that remembers people who have banned you, then changes all of the comment/reply links in that user's journal.Collapse )

XM & Sirus: Please merge now

My local public radio station has been off the air for a week, while they've been upgrading the antenna to digital. They promised to do it without disrupting listeners, so I can only assume they believe we weren't listening, anyway. Collapse )
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"This Christmas" has magic, but not that kind

My daughter persuaded me to take her and a friend to This Christmas on Friday. Despite a few good performances by fine actors, most of it was written to be predictable and clichéd. The final 10 minutes consist of the cast, out of character, dancing for the camera. If you end up seeing it anyway, look for this funny blooper: Shortly after Michael 'Baby' Whitfield (played by R&B star, Chris Brown) gets a camera as an early Christmas present, he is wearing the camera around his neck during a scene in the kitchen. Watch that camera carefully. That Chris Brown is a master of illusion!
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Step 1: Check for operator error

I've been without a printer for a couple of weeks, now. The Epson 1280 wide format ink jet printer stopped feeding paper properly. It would drag the left side of the paper inside before the right. This crumpled the paper and ruined the print out pretty reliably. I would just replace it with a new printer, but good wide format printers are kinda expensive, yo. I examined it carefully, tried to clean the rollers and adjust the settings, and looked on for probable causes. Finally, I asked my brother for help. He formerly worked on copiers and such, so he offered to help me see which mechanical part needed fixing in my printer. My brother figured the rollers probably needed to be replaced, since that's one of the first parts to go on copiers. He checked the paper feed path and ran a sheet of paper through it. After about 15 seconds, he said, "Well, first we should pull this pen out of the bottom of the paper feed tray."

*head desk*

The printer works just fine, now.
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Halo 3 for $45, Xbox 360 headset for $10.50

In my ongoing effort to get every last one of you playing Halo 3 with me on Xbox Live, I offer up the following:

fye - Halo 3 $44.99 after rebate & pay w/Paypal
Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset for $8
Refurbished Xbox 360 Platinum 20GB System $278 at Geeks

Halo 3 is great, though I'm having trouble fun learning how all the new weapons and controls work. Oh! And bonus: When none of your friends are online in Xbox Live, Halo 3 comes with this "campaign" mode you can play to kill time.
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